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Fixed Line Voice

Guaranteed savings on call costs and line rental charges

On Telecom will take over your existing lines and calls, you will receive one monthly bill from ourselves and nothing from BT or other providers.

Because of our purchasing agreements in place, we can confidently say that we GUARANTEE to offer you more competitive call rates than you currently receive. How can we prove this??....simple, let us provide you with a quotation.

On Telecom offer Carrier Pre Select(CPS) and Wholesale line rental (WLR) for customers with BT lines and Direct Voice ISDN 30 for non-BT based voice services.

How does it work?

For CPS and WLR, On Telecom will take the details of your phone numbers (cli's) and your line rental, we then route these via On Telecom over the BT network infrastructure. We take over your line rental charges from BT or your current provider, however the line stays the same and is still provided by BT but managed and billed by On Telecom. Once your order is received and processed, your billing will go live with us within 10-15 days. Once you go live with On Telecom, you will receive a monthly bill from us for all your outbound call charges and line rentals.

How do we work?

Our organizational structure allows us to assess and manage the needs of each individual On Telecom customer and to meet them in the best way. Once you are registered as an On Telecom customer you will be given a dedicated service manager who will monitor the progress of your order from our portal through to BT provisioning and go live date. Our team will provide you with daily updates on CLI's regarding any rejections, order status and live dates.

Am I tied into a minimum contract period with On Telecom CPS and WLR?

Absolutely On Telecom we want our customers to stay with us because they want to, not because they have to!!

Can On Telecom provide me with non-BT fixed line voice services?

Yes On Telecom can provide direct voice connectivity from all the major network providers in the UK. On Telecom can provide fixed line voice solutions via BT based WLR and also over direct connections with other network providers including cable networks.

You may be a multi-site organisation with sites service by BT, Kingston, ntl:Telewest and Cable and Wireless. On Telecom can provide all of these carrier services to you on one monthly bill and all from a single supplier.

Can On Telecom provide new installations of phone lines?

On Telecom offer a full installation service for business phones lines. Unlike many other providers we are not restricted to providing BT lines only and can offer direct voice connections to all of the UK Tier 1 network providers.

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