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Inbound 08 Solutions

Non-Geographic Numbers

On Telecom provide 08XX & 099X number services and contact centre solutions, offering a wide range of free phone, local, national and premium options.


  • Time of day routing - route one-way during office hours, another overnight.
  • Day of week routing - route one-way weekdays, another weekends.
  • Special date routing - e.g. route to an alternative call centre on public holidays.
  • Ratio routing - present e.g. 70% of calls to one centre, 30% to another.
  • Divert on no reply/busy - route on engaged/busy to alternative.
  • Area of origin (CLI) routing - route calls based on where the call originates from.
  • Emergency routing - disaster recovery solutions.

Online call analyser:

On Telecom provide online real-time reporting tool for monitoring inbound call services:

  • Provides pre-configured report templates.
  • Run historic reports and view call traffic in real time.
  • Ability to download raw data for manipulation in an external application.
  • Ability to create ad-hoc or custom built reports.
  • Can schedule reports to run and be emailed so you rarely need to log in.
  • Provide you with the tools to monitor and improve your customer service.

Web based call control:

  • Customer control over simple moves and changes to call plans.
  • Ability to respond to traffic / agent changes in real time.
  • Cost reduction when changes are made in real time.
  • Accessed via any web browser.

Network based IVR:

Network based Interactive Voice Response platform offering a range of automated answer and customer handling features, including:

  • Network announcements - standard "pre-answer" announcements (e.g. for out of hours or service outages), with a self-service message updating option.
  • Network queuing - overflow handling seamlessly within network until agents become free.
  • Network agent - menu based routing, i.e. press 1 for sales, 2 for faults, etc
  • Text to speech - convert data into automated speech for standard customer information, such as timetables or account balances.
  • Speech recognition - this offers ability to use your customerĂ•s own speech to select options.
  • Speech dial - this is an automated directory service, so that you simply speak the name of the person you want to be put through to.
  • Voice Forms - this captures customer data for use when you are ready.

Database Routing:

  • Ideal for Contact Centre environments
  • Full Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) functionality.
  • Routes calls based on CLI and/or IVR options and/or customer supplied information.
  • We cross-reference with your database to deliver calls as appropriate - e.g. bad debtors, nuisance callers, etc.
  • Can interact with customer systems to present agent with info on specific caller.
  • Fully tailored customer specific solutions.

Making Inbound Communication Simple