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On Telecom Provide customers with a range of mobile options across all networks. Fast, light and easy to use, On Telecom Mobile broadband options provide versatile connectivity solutions for our business customers.

Mobile Broadband 7.2 USB Modem Lite (with memory card slot)

Supplying speeds of up to 7.2Mbps**, the latest and fastest USB Modem provides some fantastic benefits and features:

  • Plug & play - use in any PC or laptop USB slot
  • Download 14 times faster than standard 3G
  • Up to 7mbps Broadband speeds available
  • Surf and work wherever you are
  • Works on MAC OS X 10.3.5 or above, Windows Vista or XP
  • Simple to use
  • Remain the connected no matter the location
  • Unique slot for Micro SD memory cards of up to 4GB in size

The USB Modem 7.2 uses Vodafone’s expansive 3G and GPRS network, which is the largest and most comprehensive coverage in the UK.

How do the speeds compare?***


Download an average song in


USB Modem 7.2

15 - 20 mins

30 - 120 seconds

The simplest and fastest remote access to the office means all those important business opportunities need never be missed again

** Speeds vary across the country. Contact On Telecom for full details
*** Table represents estimated and approx' times