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Power 100meg Internet

Power IP 100meg provides our customers 100meg fibre optic pure ethernet connection with 100meg of uncontended internet access.

The is the most versatile IP connectivity available today and allows for the creation of multiple VLANs across the connection. Power IP 100 can be taken as a standalone single site service or as part of a multisite IPVPN providing fully flexible, intersite communications such as telephony and data traffic for no extra cost, and lower cost external communications via SIP trunking and IP telephony.

Power IP 100 is available with an extendable SLA up to 99.999% which provides peace of mind from a robust reliable service along with excellent cost savings over alternate carrier products and solutions.

Key features

  • Redundancy and resilience are built-in.
  • Converged access through a single Ethernet circuit, saving you money through reduced administration.
  • Zero Hop, VPLS/MPLS core means we can offer the lowest latencies in the UK.
  • Traffic can be separated in the core without the need for tagging or expensive routers.
  • Traffic can be presented as physically separate cables in the customer premise.
  • MPLS core, so it's secure.
  • Multiple QoS levels to match your varying requirements.
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation, so you only pay for what you use.
  • Internet optimisation - Five Tier 1 Internet providers are monitored in real time to ensure you always get the fastest routes to anywhere in the world.

The innovative VPLS design of the network creates a number of benefits:

  • Cost savings - Up to 40% on Voice & Data services.
  • Flexibility - Bandwidth changes carried out in minutes.
  • Control - Retain control of your network & IP routing.
  • Quality of Service - Guaranteed end-to-end QoS.
  • Optimum performance - Network speeds up to 10Gbps.
  • Carrier class security - Traffic is inherently secured.
  • Ultra-low latency - Ideal for real-time or delay-sensitive applications such as VoIP.
  • Low prices - Circuit prices can be reduced by 70%.
  • Scalable & flexible bandwidth - Buy to exact usage needs.
  • Network resilience - Multiple back-up options including Optical Ethernet, Ethernet over E1s and xDSL.
  • Multiple service options - Fully managed services or "wires only".
  • Network design consultancy - We have a team of expert network designers to ensure you get the best solution for your needs.
  • DR and Business Continuity- By taking the LAN into the WAN, an NGN creates an automatic DR and BC solution.

Quality of Service

Power IP 100 delivers the benefits of end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS), a feature which is so important we offer SLA guarantees for the performance.

internet cable - cross sectionThe use of Ethernet Demarcation Devices at the customer premise gives us the ability to measure very precisely end-to-end service levels in terms of latency, packet loss and jitter, while our service aware capability enables higher priority traffic to automatically take precedence over non-critical traffic. This feature removes the need for the customer to tag traffic as the Power IP 100 can identify different traffic flows and automatically prioritise data according to the customers definition of those priorities.

Five priority levels are available for each service running over a single connection, each level having been carefully developed to meet business requirements.