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On Telecom Conferencing Mobile Assistant: Features

Provided free of charge to On Telecom customers

On Telecom is proud to provide you with this application to make joining Reservationless-Plus conferences easier from your mobile devices free of charge. All conferencing charges and other service fees still apply.

Single button conference joining

The On Telecom Mobile Assistant allows you to join an On Telecom Reservationless-Plus audio conference via a single button on your mobile device. You can join a call as a participant or Leader. When initiated, you will be placed into the audio conference without having to enter the conference code or Leader PIN.

Create up to 8 conference profiles

The On Telecom Mobile Assistant supports up to 8 individual conference profiles. This allows you to add conference information for everything from your weekly staff meeting to a one-time project status call. You can enter and change the conference information at anytime. Select New Profile. This will bring up a form where you can enter the name, conference dial-in number, conference code and, if you are a Leader, the Leader PIN.

Managing conference profiles

The On Telecom Mobile Assistant can be re-installed and/or upgraded without losing your individual profile settings. You can also edit or delete your conference profile at any time.

Blackberry exclusive - conference controls

The Blackberry edition of On Telecom Mobile Assistant allows you to control many aspects of your conference. These features include - recording, mute, roll call, conference lock and participant dial out.

Supports multiple mobile platforms

On Telecom is working to provide the On Telecom Mobile Assistant on as many business class mobile phones as possible. Currently, the feature is available on Blackberry phones. Coming soon to Treo 600/650/700.

First of many mobile applications from On Telecom

Check back on this website for future announcements on other mobile applications.