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Audio and Web Conferencing

Microsoft¨ Office Live Meeting®

Microsoft® Office Live Meeting, offered by On telecom is a web conferencing service that lets you host interactive, collaborative meetings by showing presentations, software and web sites. Using Office Live Meeting, you can mute and unmute lines and dial out to additional participants from the web interface. Microsoft Office integration, custom slides, reporting tools, recording and printing to PDF are just a few of the features Live Meeting offers to help you make the most of your meeting.

With Live Meeting, you can:

  • Manage your audio portion of your meeting online with the click of a mouse from your Live Meeting interface.
  • Create custom slides by adding text, whiteboard, web pages, polling or snapshots to your PowerPoint® slide deck.
  • Give everyone instant access to the materials being discussed so they can save and print the presentation content no more waiting to distribute your pertinent conference information.

Ideal Uses

Making everyday meetings interactive and engaging is a challenge when you are conducting them solely over the phone. This flexible tool can be configured to suit the needs of your conferenceÑno matter what size or type.

Use Live Meeting for:

  • Hosting product release webinars
  • Delivering follow-up sales presentations
  • Conducting corporate initiative meetings

Features Make the Most of Web Conferencing

Conference Place is a web conferencing solution thatÊoffers a wide range of features to keep you connected.

Audio Controls

Manage the audio portion of your meeting without having to rely on a phone or remember telephone keypad commands. With the audio controls on the screen during your Conference Place session, it takes just the click of a mouse to dial out to participants or mute/unmute their lines.

Schedule Meetings and Invite Participants

Perform scheduling and invitation tasks directly from your Outlook¨ interfaceÊusing the Outlook Plug-in without having to log into your Conference Place account. The plug-in lets you set up defaults and preferences including invitation copy and audio conference dial-in information. If you do not use Outlook, you can perform these tasks from within your Conference Place account using your own email and calendaring application. You can also use the Meet Now option, which lets you start a meeting with a single click.

Custom Slides

Add a text slide, whiteboard, web page, polling questions or snapshots to your PowerPoint presentation. These custom slides add functionality and collaborative options to your standard slide presentation. The slide titles will appear in the presentation index for easy transition. You can reorder or rename your slides right from the meeting interface.

Live Q&A

Let audience members ask questions and get answers without interrupting the presenter. While one person is presenting, another can serve as co-presenter and immediately respond to questions. Answers can be provided directly to the questioner or shared with the entire audience.

Seating Chart and Mood Indicators

Enable audience members to change their seat colors to visually communicate their level of understanding or desired pace without interrupting your session. The seating chart shows who is in a session.

Print to PDF

Save and print the presentation content locally. There is no waiting to distribute pertinent conference content everyone has instant access to the materials that are being discussed.

Powerful Reporting Tools

See who attended your conference and for how long. View statistics on each of your recordings to measure how they are being used and by whom. Reports are exportable in standard CSV format so they can be used with other systems.


Record and save a copy of your session. Capture everything in your conference including the live demonstrations, annotations, notes, visuals and even live web slides. Permission controls allow you to choose open, limited or secure access to your recordings. You can even view reports to see recording usage trends. Please note that there is a fee to use the Recording tool, but once your web conference is recorded, you can access the playback as often as you like for no additional charge.